LOLA T9670 F3000 for Sale
This 1995 Lola T9670 originally ran in the Mexican F3000 series in 1996 and 1997.  Powered by a Chrysler 3.5 liter engine producing 325 horsepower.  Click on the picture for a detailed dossier of the car with many pictures.   Detailed pictures are shown in the gallery below.  The engine has approximately 1.5 hours since complete rebuild with new block and heads.  The car has undergone a complete inspection and refurbishment of major components.  The livery shown has been removed with the "Benneton" color scheme still in place.  Price is $50,000 fob Memphis, TN.

This car is perfect for the vintage/historic racer who does not want to have to support a whole race team just to start the car.  Plug in the jump battery and hit the button.  The engine is a slightly modified street engine that will last years.   It does not need special warm-up or start proceures.  Rev limit is 7000 rpm, well below the engine's design limitations.  The gearbox is designed to take up to 500 horsepower (European F3000 spec) and will also last forever.  Although Pirelli F1 tires are shown, Avon tires are available in the US.  The car will accomodate a tall (and wide) driver.  A PI Research data system is installed with dash.  Some spares are available - a complete new floor and rear engine lower panel, upper and lower a-arms, various spring sets, and a set of custoim transport wheels.  This car will be faster than a Formula Atlantic and cheaper to run.  It will not be at the pointy end of the grid but will provide the best bang-for-buck in the vintage/historic formula class.