1982 Ralt RT-4 Chassis number RT-4-259
The logbook (#19 2080) shows ownership by Sandy Dells Racing starting in August of 1984.  Prior too that it is believed the car was used in the Pro-Atlantic Series.  The following owners are Allan Michelet, Bob Kucharski, Kurt Hansen, Steve Hall, Don Huston, Scott Buralli and Charles Warner (current owner).  There are a total of 28 SCCA races listed in the logbook.
The car was acquired by Charles Warner in May of 2005 as a rolling chassis.  It was delivered to Brantley Machine Services in Indianapolis for a tub refresh and full build.  The roll structure was updated with a tall-man double hoop compliant with SCCA requirements and structural work was performed by G.E. Autosports, also of Indianapolis.
This car is a 1982 RT-4 with inboard rear rocker suspension and front rocker suspension.  The original cars had outboard rear suspension which proved not as agile so a factory-designed mod was created which centered around two specially-made brackets attached to the gearbox to which the inboard suspension pickups were bolted.   The car has wide track front suspension and narrow track rear suspension which has proven the best of all options available from Ralt.
The car has had little time since full rebuild due to a number of factors, none of which involve the car itself.  The engine as currently fitted is a fresh (2014) Steve Jennings Big Valve Cosworth BDD with only 3 installation laps on the engine.  The gearbox is a fresh (2015) Williams FT-200 with zero time. 
All receipts and records are available.
The price for the car with no spares is $50,000.00 fob Memphis.  Assistance with transport is available.
engine bay